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Library Instruction Program at Shippensburg University



Instruction Program Website: https://library.ship.edu/SHIPIL

First Year Experience Program Website: https://library.ship.edu/c.php?g=951745&p=6871940

Distance Education : https://library.ship.edu/shipil/dIstanceed

Research Guides

ENG114-Introduction to Academic Writing Course Guide: https://library.ship.edu/eng114cg

HCS100-Introduction to Communication Studies Course Guide: https://library.ship.edu/hcs100cg

UNIV101-First Year Seminar Course Guide: https://library.ship.edu/univ101cg

Research Lab for Senior Research Course Guide: https://library.ship.edu/c.php?g=1132816&p=8267428

Ship to Shore: https://library.ship.edu/shiptoshore

Research In Your First Year Subject Guide: https://library.ship.edu/FYresearch

First Year Seminar Subject Guide: https://library.ship.edu/univ101