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Library Instruction Program at Shippensburg University


Tier 1: First Year Experience

First year instruction will enable students to recognize the process of seeking information and introduce a comfort level with that process. Research and information literacy skills will be integrated through embedded face-to-face instruction and online tutorials in General Education program and First Year Experience courses.

Tier 2: Introduction to Discipline

Students will begin to apply the research process to more rigorous lines of inquiry in their discipline by developing fundamental knowledge of specialized resources and advanced search strategies through library instruction sessions, discipline-specific online tutorials, and other asynchronous instructional techniques for their gateway courses.

Tier 3: Senior Seminar/Capstone

Students will employ more sophisticated search strategies as they use specialized resources and skillfully demonstrate their ability to evaluate and synthesize resources in the context of their own research as well as within the discipline as a whole.

Tier  4: Graduate

Graduate students will be able to trace scholarly arguments within their discipline and understand how their research fits into a broader scholarly conversation. Developing their own lines of inquiry and original research questions, students will employ advanced research methods to contribute to the literature of their field. Students will develop advanced knowledge of specialized resources, search techniques, research methods, and information retrieval methods in the subject areas of their discipline.