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Library Instruction Program at Shippensburg University


At the heart of Lehman Library services is our active program of information literacy and library instruction. Librarians share Shippensburg University's commitment to fostering student learning. The Library Instruction Program at Shippensburg University is committed to providing students, faculty, staff and other users with high quality instruction about the use of library resources. 

The goal of the program is to foster Information Literacy as an integral part of Shippensburg University's commitment to the highest level of scholarship. An information literate person can locate, evaluate, and use information competently and ethically. The program focuses on teaching a research process that will ensure that all the members of our community are information literate.

Program Goals

In support of the goals and strategies outlined in the Academic Master Plan, the Library Instruction Program for Information Literacy is designed to promote students’ understanding of the changing dynamics of the world of information. The Library Instruction Program fosters students’ academic success by addressing information literacy competencies as an integral part of Shippensburg University’s commitment to high levels of scholarship and students’ long-term success. 

1. Deliver information literacy instruction to support Shippensburg University students’ retention and persistence in their academic success and lifelong learning.

2. Collaborate with departments and units to integrate information literacy objectives into university curriculum.

3. Increase awareness among faculty, students and administrators of information literacy and its benefits and importance to academic success.

4. Improve librarian teaching skills to support effective and innovative information literacy instruction and create the best information literacy learning environment for students.

Feekery Literacy Model

Feekery model

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