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Library Instruction Program at Shippensburg University

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IL Program

Mission Statement – Goal Linkages Program Intended Educational Outcomes Assessment Method and Criteria for Success

Summary of Data Collected

In support of the goals and strategies outlined in the Academic  Master Plan, the Library Instruction Program for Information Literacy is designed to promote students’ understanding of the changing dynamics of the world of information. The Library Instruction Program fosters students’ academic success by addressing information literacy competencies as an integral part of Shippensburg University’s commitment to high levels of scholarship and students’ long-term success. The PIEOs are based on the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, developed by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). 

Formulate questions for research and develop increasingly complex lines of inquiry.


Identify and evaluate appropriate resources and scholarship to inform investigation of a research question.


Recognize the context of information and use information competently, ethically, and legally.


Synthesize information to draw evidence-based conclusions for a research question and participate in scholarly conversation.

1. Students receiving library instruction complete “session evaluation forms” with 4-6 tier-specific outcomes-based questions at the end of library instruction sessions. These will also include open-ended questions.


2. Tier-specific / discipline-specific assignment-based quantitative/qualitative assessment measures as described below.


3. Students meeting with subject librarians for research consultations will take a post-session survey to assess upper level PIEO

1. Session evaluation forms will be collected at the end of each library instruction session.


2. See tier-specific descriptions below.


3. Research consultations will be assessed for both increased frequency and effectiveness in communicating PIEOs. Post-session surveys will be administered to students at the end of research consultation. Assessment Librarian will manage and analyze data at the end of each semester