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Research in Your First Year

Getting Help with Research in Your First Year

This Research Guide has been designed to assist you in doing library research for the papers and introduce you to the research process. It includes links to research tools that will help you find background information, newspapers, magazine and journal articles and books.

Feel free at any time to use our Ask Us Anything chat or email reference service for additional assistance.

A research plan is a living document that researchers use to organize their thoughts on a research project. Creating a research plan will help you make the transition from writing opinion based papers to writing college-level “research papers” where you synthesize outside research to support your perspective.

Research is iterative – you will need to revisit this plan over the course of the semester and make adjustments as you refine your topic, hunt down data/sources that may or may not exist, and question the limitations of the existing literature. Your plan will evolve as your project develops; it is not a one-time thing.

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