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 HCS100 - Intro to Human Communication

Using This Guide

Welcome to the Course Guide for HCS100, Introduction to Communication Studies. This guide has been designed to assist you in doing library research for the informative speech in your class. It includes links to research tools that will help you find background information; newspaper, magazine, and journal articles; and books.

See the Evaluating Sources page for help finding appropriate sources for your research.

Also, Make sure to cite your sources! If you got an idea or an explanation of a theory from your textbook, you still need to cite it. Skipping citations is a silly reason to lose points.See the Citations page for examples.

Feel free at any time to use the Ask Us Anything chat or email reference service for additional assistance. If you need help refining your topic, finding sources, evaluating sources, or citing properly, contact a librarian using the Ask Us Anything box on the left.

What is Information Literacy

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