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Library: 3rd

Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School Library

Information for 3rd Graders

Shippensburg University Library Databases for Kids 

Off campus access to the library databases requires a (faculty, staff, or university student) Shippensburg ID

Search Engines for Kids

  • WolframAlpha WolframAlpha is a computational search engine. If students have any questions involving numbers, Wolfram Alpha is the place to go. Wolfram Alpha can be used for other searches, but it’s not nearly as useful for general inquiries as it is for computational questions.

  • Google Scholar Google Scholar is a search engine designed to search scholarly journals, Supreme Court records, and patent records. In some cases the results will link to abstracts of books and articles that you will then have to obtain from a library or book retailer. In other cases results will link to fully viewable documents.

  • is a search engine for kids (higher elementary to middle school) where articles are approved by researchers.

  • Kidtopia - Kidtopia is a Google custom student safe search engine for preschool and elementary students, indexing only educator approved websites.

Fun Learning Stuff

  • Great Websites for Kids -  a database of great websites for students, parents and teachers compiled by the ALA
  • DK FindOut - What do you want to find out? 
  • Fact Monster - an online encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, timelines and almanac; also has homework help, games and holiday calendars 

Online Magazines

  • Sports Illustrated for Kids Online - online magazine for elementary age children that includes interviews with sports heroes, comics, action photos and more.
  • Ranger Rick - online magazine for kids ages 7 and up featuring animal photos, colorful drawings and stories about nature, outdoor adventure and helping the environment. Includes websites for homework help, activities, games and sections for parents and teachers. 
  • National Geographic Kids - published for the National Geographic Society for kids 8-14 and covers a wide variety of topics from geography to adventure, wildlife and science. Includes links to stories, fun facts,games and other activities, 
  • Time Magazine for Kids - online current event magazine for kids featuring news, games and activities as well as sections for teachers and parents.

Author's Purpose Games 

Activity #1:
Activity #2:
Battleship Game:


Math Practice:  Addition/Subtraction.

  • Math Baseball - "Swing" by answering math problems.  If correct, the game decides how many bases you run.  If you're wrong you receive an out.
  • Addition to 100! - Practice 2-digit addition to 100.
  • Subtraction to 100! - Practice 2-digit subtraction to 100.

Math Practice:  Multiplication

  • 3 Digit Multiplication - Practice 3-digit multiplication WITH grouping.
  • 3 Digit Multiplication - Practice 3-digit multiplication WITHOUT grouping.
  • Farm Stand - Come on over to the farm stand to practice your multiplication and addition.  Multiply the amount of apples or eggs by their price; then, add them together for your total.
  • Batter's Up Baseball - A math game that is played like real baseball!  Answer the math problems correctly and move around the bases.  Three wrong and you're out!
  • Hidden Picture - Match the equations with the correct answers to reveal the picture hidden beneath. 
  • The Multiplication Timernator - See how quickly you can show your multiplication skills! 
  • Math Lines - Choose a number and match the factors with the number, all while the factors roll in a line of pin balls. 

Wipe Out Bullying-Information

  • NetSmartz - a website for kids and parents about being smart on the internet


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