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Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.)

Musical Recording

(Chicago Manual of Style 14.263)



1. Arnold Bax, Romantic Overture, with Richard Nunn (piano) and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Bryden, recorded at St. Jude’s Church, Central Square, London, June 23-25, 1991, Chandos Chan 9003, 1991, compact disk, retrieved from http://ship.naxosmusiclibrary.com/stream.asp?s=160729%2Fshipnmlpd1%2Fsx8661%5F001.

2. Nancy Sinatra, vocal performance of “Lonely Again,” by Jean Chapel, released April 25, 2006, on Country, My Way, Boots Enterprises, Inc. http://muco.alexanderstreet.com/view/1196014.



Bax, Arnold. Romantic Overture. London Philharmonic Orchestra, St. Jude’s Church, Central Square, London. Thomas Bryden. With Richard Nunn. Recorded June 1991. Chandos Chan 9003, 1991, compact disk.

Sinatra, Nancy. Country, My Way. Boots Enterprises, Inc., 2006. Originally released Reprise RS-6251, 1967.

Helpful Hints

You may put the conductor or performer first instead of the composer if one they are more important.

You can include the date of the recording or the copyright/published date or both.

Musical Recording should be listed in a seperate discography rather than a bibliography.