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Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.)

Welcome to the SU Chicago Manual of Style Citation Guide!

Here you will be able to see examples of citations for various types of resources. Each example includes a citation of a source, a picture of the source, and helpful notes.

Each example also cites the section from the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition, so that you may consult that source for more detailed information if needed.

Please also feel free to consult a librarian at the Lehman Library Information Desk.

Intro to Chicago Manual of Style

In order to cite most resources, it is important to include a note and a bibliography entry. However, you will find throughout the examples that sometimes only a note is necessary for certain specified sources. In addition, Chicago outlines various ways to abbreviate notes to save time:

The first note must always be a full note, but subsequent ones should be abbreviated.

The basic structure for an abbreviate note includes: author's last name, the main title (shortened if more than four words), and the page number or other identifying information if applicable.

Use an abbreviated note if the citation is the same as the one immediately preceding it.

For information on how to write abbreviated notes see 14.29-14.36 in the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition.

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