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Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.)

Electronic Book

(Chicago Manual of Style 14.159-14.163)



Author, Title (Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication), Format, Page number or Other identifying information.

Full Example

1. Mimi Chan, All the King’s Women (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2000), PDF e-book, chap. 4.

Abbreviated Example

2. Chan, All the King’s Women, chap. 4.



Author. Title. Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication. Format.


Chan, Mimi. All the King’s Women. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2000. PDF e-book.

Helpful Hints

Page numbers are not always the same in electronic formats, so you can use chapter or section as a locator.

Include what format was used such as PDF e-book, Kindle edition, Microsoft Reader e-book, etc.

Electronic Book (Example)