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Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.)

Article Abstract

(Chicago Manual of Style 14.186)



Author, "Article Title," abstract, Journal Title and Volume, Issue (Date of publication): Page number or Other identifying information, DOI/URL.

1. Seth A. Givens, “Liberating the Germans: The US Army and Looting in Germany during the Second World War,” abstract, War in History 21, no. 1 (January 2014): 33, https://doi.org/10.1177/0968344513504521.

Helpful Hints

Only need in a note.

If the abstract is part of the work, include the word abstract. If it is an abstract in another publication include the words abstract in.

Not that it was included in the second example that the original article was in another language.

If no page numbers are included then section headings or other types of locating information can be used.

Note that there is a space following the colon before the page numbers.

If using an electronic version of an article a DOI is preferred to a URL, but if using a URL, you must use the address that appears when you are viewing the article, unless there is a shorter more stable one available. (See 14.6-14.8 for more).

See 14.18 for more information on where to put line breaks for URLs or DOIs.