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Archives and Special Collections Purpose & Mission

The Shippensburg University Archives collects, organizes, makes accessible, and preserves non-current records documenting Shippensburg University’s origins and development, including the activities and achievements of its offices, faculty, students, alumni, and benefactors. The Archives preserves materials of enduring historical or informational value to serve as Shippensburg University’s institutional memory in support of administration, teaching, research, and service. The Archives promotes a greater awareness, knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the history, programs, and goals of Shippensburg University. The Archives is vital for supporting understandings of American life as it is lived at Shippensburg University through the management and retention of its personal, academic, and social memory.

Special Collections exists to preserve rare, irreplaceable, unique, or valuable published materials acquired by Lehman Library that are useful to the community of scholars and researchers, as well as to the University and its community of faculty, administrators and students.  Special Collections will include manuscripts, Pennsylvania county histories, and other primary source materials available for research. 

The Shippensburg University Archives and Special Collections serve a number of constituents, including:

Administrators and Staff

University records provide access to essential evidence of past decisions to aid in day-to-day decision-making. Documentation of events in the history of the institution can be used to enhance its image and build relationships with alumni and friends.


The SU Archives & Special Collections is a source of potential projects for students concerning the history of SU, Pennsylvania, public education, and more. Our collections can also been used as examples of primary sources, or as writing and discussion prompts.


The SU Archives & Special Collections provides students with the opportunity to experience primary source research for class projects, as well as to help them connect to the university’s past.


The SU Archives & Special Collections is a source of information about relatives and friends who were connected with the university, as well as a way for maintaining ties to their alma mater.

Outside researchers

The collections provide source material for any topic of inquiry that relates to our holdings.