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Altar by Edie Silverburg

Creative Tools by Steve Dolbin

Featherstone by Alan Jay Glenn

Featherstone conveys the asymmetric cooperative of the daily world. It is made of volcanic stone.

Dimensions: 36-inches x 30-inches x 20-inches 

Guardian 16 by Ernest Shaw

Life Force 1980 by Dan Kainz

"The piece is not necessarily a flame, it's hot earth."

Made of 21 tons of PA black granite with red block glass in the center. Earned top prize in the Outdoor Works 2000 exhibition. 

Dimensions: 14-feet x 10-feet x 3-feet

Non-Renewable by Scott Osiol

Pedestal by James Rolff

Pillars by T. Sternal

Sky Key Way by Glenn Zweygardt

Sky's Key Way 2000 by Glenn Zweygardt

Made from granite, steel, stainless steel, and cast glass. Combination of ancient encrypting and symbolic reference. Artist stated it took 8 years to conceptualize and create.

Dimensions: 124-inches x 46-inches x 34-inches

Tall Groves by Mary Boone Wellington

Made out of aluminum. Artist stated it was "made to evoke the spirit of the land."

Dimensions: 9-feet x 6-feet x 3-feet