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SU Archives Authority Statement

Nature and basis of authority

Shippensburg University Archives & Special Collections has been established as part of the Ezra Lehman Memorial Library. The Archives & Special Collections acquires material for preservation through cooperation and by mutual consent.

Person in whom authority to acquire is vested
  • The Archives & Special Collections Librarian is the individual responsible for making the decision to acquire or retain an item. Ultimate responsibility for the collection rests with the Dean of the Library.
  • Responsibility for selection of records of enduring value rests with the Archives & Special Collections Librarian in consultation with the creating office or individual, regardless of what format the record takes. Responsibility for selection of electronic mail rests with the creator or receiver. Voice mail is not considered to be of enduring value.
Roles and Responsibilities

The Archives & Special Collections Librarian

  • is responsible for the operation of the SU Archives & Special Collections, reporting to the Dean of the Library;
  • preserves and administers the records deposited in the Archives & Special Collections;
  • identifies archival university records in the custody of record-creating units and arranges for their transfer to the custody of the Archives, or through agreement for their being safeguarded in the unit;
  • brings all archival records in the custody of the Archives under intellectual control;
  • in consultation with the record-creating unit or donor, determines the terms of future access to archival records and enforces restrictions placed on records transferred to the Archives;
  • in conjunction with University administration, develops and issues general retention and disposition schedules and file classification schemes for the records of the University;
  • develops policies, procedures, and regulations for the operation of the Archives for approval by the Dean of the Library and the University administration. Following approval, is responsible for implementing the procedures and enforcing the regulations.