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Advertising & Media Awareness

Advertising and media awareness activities for elementary school students, provided as part of school library/media instruction


You've done it!  You have mastered the ability to identify types of advertisements, target audiences, and advertising techniques.

Next time you view or listen to an advertisement, you will be able to think for yourself.  You will not blindly purchase things that you don't need.

For the remainder of this year, be on the lookout for new advertisements that use techniques you can identify.  If any are particularly interesting, share them with the class when you come to the library.

Enrichment/Extra-Credit Project

Finish early?  Want to try your hand at a creative project? Design your own advertisement for a product (real or imaginary). On the back of your advertisement, list the product your are selling, your target audience, and the advertising techniques you are using.  You may share with the class if you desire to do so!



Bibliography / a note on this unit guide:

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