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Advertising & Media Awareness

Advertising and media awareness activities for elementary school students, provided as part of school library/media instruction

Local Company Analysis-Independent Project

Hershey foods is a famous local provider of chocolates, candies, and more. 

For your independent project, you will create a timeline on the history of Hershey foods that highlights Hershey's advertisements. 


1.   You will select ten of the advertisements provided below.  

 -Select a variety of different kinds of advertisements (commercials, full-page ads, signs, etc.) from a variety of different time periods.
-For each of these advertisements, complete the SEA worksheet your teacher provides.  Attach your SEA worksheets to the back of your timeline.


2.   Finally, you will create a timeline of important events in the development of the Hershey Foods company.  To find this information, research the topic by doing a search on Hershey Foods History.

3.   You will print out each of the advertisements you select and place it along your timeline at the appropriate point.

-If you are using the audio advertisement, make a paper with its title to include. 
-If you are using television commercials, print a screen shot of the starting image of the commercial and label it.  You will need a teacher's assistance to view any commercials on your teacher's computer if they are hosted on YouTube.  You should never view YouTube without your teacher's assistance, and it is blocked on student computers.

4.  Use the long paper and worksheets your teacher provides.


Hershey's Foods Advertisements

Radio Advertisement Jingle-Downloadable