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Advertising & Media Awareness

Advertising and media awareness activities for elementary school students, provided as part of school library/media instruction

Persuasive Techniques in Advertising

Below are some common advertising/sales techniques. Your teacher will show these on the classroom screen.  You are not to view them independently (they are blocked at school anyway). 

Directions:  Review each example and be prepared to answer the question that follows.  You may work with a partner.

  • slogan
    • A main statement that you think of when you think of a product or company.    
    • Example:  "I'm Lovin' It!
    • What company is this?



  • bandwagon
    • They tell you that everybody is doing it and it is the most popular thing.
    • Example:  "America's Favorite Store!"
    • Is this really America's favorite store?


  • testimonial/celebrity endorsement
    • Someone tells you how wonderful a product is, often someone famous (but it doesn't have to be!).
    • Example: "Chiropractic."
    • What is the goal of this advertisement?


  • emotional appeal
    • If you buy the product, it seems you'll make more friends, be a better kid (or mom!), or be a better athlete.
    • Example: "Make More Friends."
    • Will you make more friends if you eat this candy?
    • Example: "Peanut Butter."
    • Are you a worse mom if you serve your kids a different peanut butter?


  • expert opinion
    • You are told than an expert in the field (or a group of experts) recommends the item.
    • Example:  "Four Out of Five Dentists Recommend."
    • Why is the part "...for their patients who chew gum" important?


  • jingle
    • A short song or tune is used to advertise a product.
    • Example: "Oscar Mayer Weiner."   
      • Source:  Old Time Radio Commercials, Big Eye Records, 2008.
    • What other advertising/sales techniques are used in this radio ad?


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