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Faculty Services

Materials Donation

We at the Shippensburg University library welcome donations, both physical and financial. 

Physical donations (books & other materials).

We will accept any donation of books and materials you would like to make.  However, the determination of which books and materials become part of the Ezra Lehman Library's permanent collection is based on the library's collection management guidelines.  Our collection management guidelines require the following characteristics to be demonstrated for an item to be included in the collection.  Materials not added to the collection will be discarded by the technical services department unless instructed otherwise.

  • prospective donations include content that supports one of Shippensburg University's courses of study and is within the appropriate level of academic rigor;

  • items are of an appropriately current copyright date, relative to their specific subject field;
  • donated items do not unnecessarily duplicate materials already held in print or electronically;

  • physical condition of the materials is acceptable;

  • the library is in a position to process and maintain the material;

  • no restrictions are placed by the prospective donor on the disposition and use of the material offered except with the prior approval of the Director, Information Services;

  • the format is such that the Library is able to provide adequate access to the materials.

Financial Donations

Financial donations to the Shippensburg University Library are always welcome.  Donations can be accepted in a variety of ways.

Financial Donations

  • Memorial Book Plate Program

    The Shippensburg University Foundation manages a book plate program that enables donors to memorialize and pay tribute to a special person or group.  More information is available here.
  • Other Donations

    A variety of donor opportunities are available through the Shippensburg University Foundation.  For further information on giving, please visit the Shippensburg University Foundation page for library giving opportunities.