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About the Library

About Ezra Lehman Memorial Library


Welcome to the Ezra Lehman Memorial Library!  We invite you to explore not only our virtual presence, but our beautiful physical space as well.

Our library building provides a wonderful study space with comfortable soft seating areas throughout the library.  We provide private group study rooms, semi-private group study spaces, informal gathering spots, and private individual study areas.  For those who want refreshment while studying and doing coursework, we have an in-house Starbucks!  We truly are a one-stop-shop where you can also receive the academic support you need when you need it.

  • Need help finding journals, books, or answers?  Our friendly “Ask Us Anything” reference librarians are here on the main floor to help.
  • Need a computer?  We have 50 laptops and 75+ desktop computers, all with printing capability.
  • Need print or audio-visual resources?  We are proud to provide you with over 350,000 books, serials, and other materials; over 73,000 AV materials; and over 1.5 million items on microform.
  • Need a modern, comfortable location to host a teleconference?  We have three separate locations available.
  • Need to access the Raider Academic Center?  You can find the RAC on the main floor of the library, on the right side, for your student athlete study hour needs.
  • Need faculty support in instructional design & development services?  Visit the IDDS specialist on the lower level, who can give you the help you need.

Also explore our digital resources. We have access to over 25,000 e-journals, over 60,000 e-books, and authoritative databases for each major.  We have reference librarians available by chat or email.   Our online “Ask Us Anything” box will also give you any answers to any questions ever asked that may be similar to yours—instantly!  You can find us on our blog, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, and Foursquare.  We are where you are.

Michelle Foreman, M.L.I.S., Ph.D.
Dean of Libraries
Lehman Library 111
Shippensburg University
(p) 717-477-1475  (f) 717-477-1389

Behavior & Guidelines

The Ezra Lehman Memorial Library faculty and staff welcome you and invite you to take advantage of the many services and resources that are available in the library.

Please help us maintain an environment that is welcoming to everyone, that helps you accomplish your learning goals. We hope to make clear our expectations for everyone who visits our building.

Please help us and each other while you are at Ezra Lehman Library through showing

Consideration for Others

  • Use appropriate volume.
    • The upper level is the quiet floor: decades of student practice has resulted in student expectations of no noise of any kind.
    • Normal conversation is welcomed in the rest of the building. Excessive noise or shouting is disruptive.
  • Use respectful behavior.
    • Conduct or speech considered indecent, abusive, harassing, or threatening to a reasonable person is not acceptable.
  • Avoid distracting other’s work.
    • Use headphones if you are listening to sound. 
    • Use the designated cell phone areas that are available for calls.
    • Be discreet and exercise good judgement in displaying images on your PC that might be offensive or alarming to others.


Personal Responsibility

  • Be safe.
    • Do not use/operate wheeled devices (skateboards, skates, scooters, etc.) in the library or place them in areas blocking thoroughfares.
    • Secure bikes outside at designated racks. Wheelchairs and medical devices are always allowed.
  • Clean up after yourself.
    • Recycle/throw away your refuse.
    • Wipe up any messes you have made. Wipes are at all sanitation tables.
  • Be lawful.


Library Policies & Procedures

  • Advertising: Notices and advertisements must be approved at the CUB and provided to the circulation desk for posting on the library’s announcements board.
  • Soliciting:  Soliciting donations, signatures, or survey participation is not allowed in the library without permission of library administration.
  • Smoking: Use of electronic cigarettes, tobacco products, or vaping is not allowed in the building.
  • Animals: Service animals only are allowed.

Patrons are expected to comply with the directions of any library personnel acting in the performance of their duties, including the enforcement of the library’s code of behavior. People who choose to disregard this may be asked to leave the building.

Lehman Library personnel subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association.