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About the Library

About Ezra Lehman Memorial Library

University Library Committee

University Library Committee

These are exciting, yet challenging times for all academic libraries. Technology is rapidly changing what we do and we are struggling to keep up with our students’ and faculty needs.  The University Library Committee supports Ezra Lehman Memorial Library in strategic planning for the needs of the campus community.


The University Library Committee advises the library in regards to budget, services, collections (both print and electronic media) and programs.

The membership includes:

  1. Dean of Library and Media Services (Chair)
  2. Dean of Arts and Sciences
  3. Dean of Education and Human Services
  4. Dean of Grove College of Business
  5. One faculty member appointed by each of the college/school councils (4)
    • Education and Human Services
    • Business
    • Art and Sciences
    • Academic Programs and Services
  6. Library Department Chairperson
  7. One librarian at large
  8. One APSCUF representative
  9. One undergraduate student
  10. One graduate student