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American Sociological Association Style Guide

American Sociological Association (ASA) Style Guide

Unpublished Article

(ASA Style Guide 2014 section 4.3.1 p. 46, section 4.3.2 49, 53, 56, and appendix p. 109)



(Author1 Last name and Author2 Last name Year of publication:Page number)


(Zhao and Yao 2017:6)



Author1 Last name, First name and Author2 First name Last name. Forthcoming. "Title of Article." Title of Journal (italicized).


Zhao, Liqiu, and Xianguo Yao. Forthcoming. "Does Local Social Capital Deter Labour Migration? Evidence from Rural China." Applied Economics.

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Helpful Hint

If the author has a middle name, it is included after their first name.

In ASA there are no spaces between the volume number, issue number, and page numbers. Make sure that none are there when you are finished.