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American Sociological Association Style Guide

American Sociological Association (ASA) Style Guide

Book: Three Authors

(ASA Style Guide 2014 section 4.3.1 p. 46, section 4.3.2 p. 48, and appendix p. 105)


Model (first citation)

(Author1 Last name, Author2 Last name, and Author3 Last name Year of publication:Page number)


(Parsons, Bales, and Shils 1981:30)

Model (further citations):

(Author1 Last name et al. Year of publication:Page number)


(Parsons et al. 1981:40)



Author1 Last name, First name, Author2 First name Last name, and Author3 First name Last name. Year of publication. Name of Publication (italicized). Location of publisher, state or province postal code or name of country (if a foreign publisher): Publisher’s Name.


Parsons, Talcott, Robert Freed Bales, and Edward Shils. 1981. Working Papers in the Theory of Action. Westport, CT: Greenwood.

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Helpful Hints

If the author has a middle name, it is included after their first name.

If the location of the publisher is well known and clear with only the city or if the state name is included in the publisher name, the state abbreviation is not needed. This is the case for publishers in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.