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 Criminal Justice and Juvenile Justice

Current Reading Sources in Criminal Justice

Staying Current in Library Databases

There are two main ways to use library databases to stay current with your areas of research interest: by saving searches and setting up alerts. Many databases will allow you to save a search that you have done and run it again in order to see if new material has been added to the database that matches your search terms. Most databases will allow you to set up an alert to notify you automatically, through either an email alert or RSS feed, when new material has met your search criteria. They will also let you set up alerts when new issues of specific journals have been added to the database.

EBSCO Databases will let you save or set up alerts for almost anything in the database. On a search result page Click the Search History button then click Save Searches / Alerts. and use the form to save the search or set up an alert.

You can also use the Permalink option to share and save almost anything in the database as well. This is an excellent way to share a specific group of items from a database with other people.