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HON122 - Senecal

Dr. Senecal: Honors World History I

Tutorial Review

A scholarly secondary book is a good source for identifying primary and secondary sources.
True: 52 votes (96.3%)
False: 2 votes (3.7%)
Total Votes: 54
Two important tools for finding the section of a book that is about your topic.
Table of contents: 0 votes (0%)
Index: 0 votes (0%)
Both of the above: 52 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 52
Which of the following are examples of primary sources?
Writings by an ancient author: 2 votes (3.7%)
Images from a vase: 0 votes (0%)
Writings about an author from her/his time: 2 votes (3.7%)
All of the above: 50 votes (92.59%)
Total Votes: 54
It is more important to get very current primary sources than secondary sources?
True: 15 votes (25.86%)
False: 43 votes (74.14%)
Total Votes: 58
Ancient primary sources are normally cited by regular book title and page numbers.
True: 11 votes (20.75%)
False: 42 votes (79.25%)
Total Votes: 53
If an ancient author only wrote one work, what feature is often omitted in the citation?
Author: 6 votes (10.71%)
Chapter/line number: 10 votes (17.86%)
Title: 40 votes (71.43%)
Total Votes: 56
Books are difficult to borrow and usually take a week or more to arrive.
True: 7 votes (13.21%)
False: 46 votes (86.79%)
Total Votes: 53