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HON122 - Senecal

Dr. Senecal: Honors World History I

Finding Historical Articles

Using Scholarly Articles to Find Primary Source Material

Scholarly periodicals in history and the humanities are primarily secondary sources, but periodical databases can provide both direct and indirect primary source material.

Direct access to primary sources includes:

  • In fields like the natural and social sciences, much of the body of scholarly periodicals is focussed on the publication of original research - in these fields, research journal articles are often considered primary sources, yet in the humanities and history, this is not typically the case.
  • Periodical articles can be considered primary sources when you are researching a modern author who has written articles in periodicals.
  • Historical journals sometimes publish primary sources in their publications, such as letters and diaries.
  • Non-textual primary sources, such as photographs, and photographs and drawings of artifacts, archeological sites, etc.

Indirect access to primary sources:

  • Journal articles contain some of the most in-depth discussion of sources. This can take place in the text, but often in the footnotes or endnotes.

Specialized Historical and Regional Databases