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HON122 - Senecal

Dr. Senecal: Honors World History I

Shippensburg Books and E-Books

Search Tip for Primary Sources

Particularly in Ship Discovery Search, find search terms for your topic, then add the following search to another row on the search screen:

sources OR primary OR document* OR sourcebook OR autobiog* OR memoir* OR diar* OR correspondence OR letters

Book Databases

Using Book Databases for Primary Sources

For students beginning research on a topic, published books are best place to go for primary sources. As you do more detailed research at a later date, unpublished materials such as letters and diaries in archival collections become more important.

Published books are good for finding a variety of primary sources, including:

  • Separate edition of a specific work, i.e. Xenophon's Cyropaedia
  • Collected edition of an author's work that might contain the specific text you want, i.e. Xenophon, with an English Translation (7 vols)
  • Specialized collections of sources by an author on a specific topic, i.e. Plutarch on Sparta
  • Topical collections or anthologies of primary texts, i.e., The Greek City-States, a Sourcebook

Freely Available eBook Collections