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ENG318 - Windholz

Activity 1: Editions

First, log in to Early English Books Online through your Renaissance Society of America account. Once you have reached the main search screen of EEBO, you should be able to access the links below.

Our copy of the Works of Josephus is one of these editions. Can you identify which one?

1602 (https://www.proquest.com/eebo/books/famous-memorable-vvorkes-iosephus-man-much-honour/docview/2248525585/sem-2?accountid=163371)

1609 (https://www.proquest.com/eebo/books/famous-memorable-vvorkes-iosephus-man-much-honour/docview/2240849646/sem-2?accountid=163371)

1620 (https://www.proquest.com/eebo/books/famous-memorable-works-iosephus-man-much-honour/docview/2240854617/sem-2?accountid=163371)

1632 (https://www.proquest.com/eebo/books/famous-memorable-vvorkes-iosephus-man-much-honour/docview/2240896294/sem-2?accountid=163371)

From here, look at the title page and preliminaries of each edition. How many differences can you identify?

Finally, compare the layout of these books with that of a modern critical edition.


How might the experience of reading Josephus have have changed from the 1st century CE to the early 17th century to today?