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American Sociological Association Style Guide

American Sociological Association (ASA) Style Guide

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, etc.

(ASA Style Guide 2014 section 5.3.7 p. 85)



The (Association) mentioned the (subject) on its (social media site) page.¹


The American Sociological Association mentioned the social context of the show on its Facebook page.¹



¹Individual of Organization's Social media page, accessed Month date, year, URL.


¹American Sociological Association's Facebook page, accessed July 6, 2017,

Helpful Hint

Social media posts are not included in the References section at the end of the paper, so they only receive an in-text citation with a superscripted number for the note, and then a footnote at the bottom of the page with the full footnote citation. The models that are given are for any social media platform, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.