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About the Library

About Ezra Lehman Memorial Library

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The mission of the Ezra Lehman Memorial Library is to foster a community of academic success in an environment of personalized service, research mentorship & instruction, and connection to resources.


The Ezra Lehman Library will represent a national standard of excellence in providing individualized, personalized support for the academic needs of our community. Our excellent customer service will be a constant presence in every encounter.  We will provide support whenever, wherever, and however it is needed, delivered using personal interactions and technology. We will be a model library for support of student research and publication.


The Ezra Lehman Memorial Library team possesses a number of key values that guide every effort to fulfill our mission and impact our vision for the future.  As such we value and embrace

  1. Teaching & research mentorship
  2. Service excellence  & responsiveness
  3. Teamwork  & collaboration
  4. Innovation & agility
  5. Integrity & responsible stewardship
  6. Open access & publication