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SOC415 - Yang

Senior Seminar

SOC415 - Senior Seminar - Yang

This Course Guide has been designed to assist you in finding scholarly peer-reviewed articles and to help you write your reading reflection paper and discussion. For additional assistance, feel free at any time to use our Ask Us Anything chat or email reference service, or sign up for our research consultation service. Or, if you have questions, please contact Christy Fic, cmfic@ship.edu.

Assignment Instructions from Dr. Yang

Reading Reflection and Discussion (50 points), Due date: 9/28

In this class, the students are expected to identify one sociological topic that is interesting to you and find minimally 8 articles/books that contribute to your understanding about this topic. This link will be helpful: library.ship.edu/sociology.

You are required to write a 3-5 page (double-spaced, typed) reflection on the readings you find. The reflection should give a brief synopsis of the readings and discuss its sociological implications. You should be analytical and not just descriptive. Tell me what you think about the topic. Make sure you justify your position with empirical evidence and cogent arguments. You should always include citations in your paper. You should use ASA reference format. Your writing should be clear, organized, and grammatically correct. You should number your pages and use a reasonable font (12 pt). Please avoid slang and use professional language. This part is worth 30 points.

You will also lead a discussion based on your readings in class. This is an opportunity for you to further articulate your ideas and receive feedback and suggestions from your colleagues. I expect you to be organized, thorough, and insightful. During your discussion, you should summarize any interesting issues from your readings and discuss their implications. You must have a formal outline for your discussion, though you may deviate from it while leading discussion. I will collect the outline after your presentation. You will have 15 minutes to lead discussion. This part is worth 20 points.