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SCM390 - Langella

Dr. Langella: Strategic Warehouse Management

In-class Library Activity

Part of today's class-time will be identifying resources and locating potentially qualifying articles for your assignment. This activity should get you well on your way to being prepared for the overall project.

Researech Process

Suggested Steps

  1. Search academic literature (Business Source Premier) and trade or indutry publications (ABI / Trade & Industry) to gain background information on your topic
  2. Synthesize the content from your articles into an understandable introduction to the topic. You may also use books, magazines, newspapers, web-based source material, to complete your introduction and overview.
  3. Use American Psychological Association (APA) format for research citations. [See "Citations" tab above]
  4. Develop a concise class presentation around the material that you have researched.

Additional Resources