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MKT315 - Taylor

Sales Management - Dr. Taylor

Recommended Sources

Whether Option A or Option B is chosen, the project report will be improved by doing some serious background research. Researching the questions to be asked of people on the front lines will serve to save both the interviewer and interviewee some time; the research will also give slightly different answers to the questions asked and will serve to broaden any comparisons and analysis performed on the interviewee's responses.

General information on various occupations or professions can be found in government sources such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook and private websites such as O*net.

After exploring background information on occupations,

  1. review the research and trade/industry literature to learn more about what people in various positions and industries may find important,
  2. explore sales and marketing data in the industry selected, and
  3. find out some company information either about your company (if you've chosen a public company) or about a similar (public) company (if you've chosen a private company).

Research, Industry, and Trade Literature Sources:

Sales & Marketing Data and Analysis Sources:

Company Information Sources:

Marketing-related Databases