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Disability Studies Guide


This guide has been co-created by James Sterner and Heather Glasby to assist you in finding resources for research in disability studies and related fields. The content here is a work in progress that will regularly be added to. If you have suggestions on how to improve this guide or would like to schedule a research consultation in relation to disability studies, please contact Heather or James using the "Schedule Appointment" tool on the left column of this page.

First Steps

When starting research on a topic, it is often best to start by searching the library's Discovery Service (Shippensburg login required) for a broad selection of results. Some of the following search terms can be good starting points for using Discovery Search:

people with disabilities

mental health

disability studies

sociology of disability

"orientation and mobility" AND disability

people with mental disabilities

hearing impaired OR deaf

people with visual disabilities OR blind

cognition disorders OR learning disabilities

Reference Articles (Shippensburg Login Required)