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COM425 - Witmer

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Topic Guides

Topics include:

  • Racial and Ethnic Issues (Affirmative Action and Diversity, Drug Policies, Immigration, Police and Police Tactics, Welfare Reform, and several others)
  • Law and Legal Issues (Abortion Rights, Campaign Finance, Capital Punishment, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, Free Speech and Censorship, Gun Control and Gun Rights, Marijuana Legalization and Medical Marijuana, and many more)
  • Health and Medicine (Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, Autism, Drugs in Sports, Genetic Engineering, Global Health Issues, Obesity, Stem Cell Research, and more)
  • Food and Agriculture (Farm Crisis and Agricultural Policy, Food Safety, Hunger, Water Resources and Drought, and others)
  • Family (Adoption, Bullying and Cyberbullying, Eating Disorders, Gay Rights, Gender Equality, Homelessness, Hunger, Teen Suicide, and several more)
  • Media (Media Bias, Media Violence, Social Media, and others)
  • And many, MANY more! Click on the link above to see the nearly 100 topics currently available

Many of the resources in the topic guides can also be searched for other topics that aren't covered, so just click on any topic guide and go to Find Your Own Sources on the left for a list of databases and websites.