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PSY265 - Seibert

Childhood and Adolescence

What Type of Article is This?

  Popular Scholarly
Purpose To share news or entertainment with the reader To share original research and scholarly debates with the reader
Authors Writers usually work for the publication. They are likely journalists or content specialists Writers do not work for the publication. They are experts in their field (PhDs, MDs, etc) who likely work for a university or research institution
Scope Varied topics of interest to a broad audience Narrowly focused topics related to the subject of the journal
Audience Non-experts (general public) Experts in a discipline (scholars/students)
Other Features Articles generally do not cite sources or include bibliographies; Writing is easy to understand for the average person who has no background in the subject; Articles are short (a couple of pages) Articles cite sources and include bibliographies; Writing is geared toward readers who have background knowledge of the subject and understand discipline specific jargon; Articles are long (~15-20 pages on average)