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Ship to Shore

As you begin your classes at Shippensburg, you face a big hurdle - Your university professors have high research expectations for you. They want you to find better and more academically challenging sources than the ones you used in high school. Good news! As a Shippensburg student, you have incredible research materials available to you through the library and library website, and you have a team of reference librarians ready to assist you with your research needs.

To help you make the jump to college-level research, we have designed a self-paced online learning module called the Ship to Shore Information Literacy Tutorial. It has been designed specifically for students taking the Writing-Intensive First-Year Seminar. How will Ship to Shore help you? It will help you to improve your skills in six critical areas by teaching you how to:

  • Effectively use general information sources
  • Pick good topics and terminology for research projects
  • Identify appropriate types of information sources
  • Select appropriate information retrieval systems
  • Design effective search strategies
  • Learn how to get additional research materials from other libraries
If you have any questions concerning Ship to Shore, please contact Ashley Esposito. Ashley is coordinating library instruction for the 2016-2017 academic year.
Faculty, if you require assistance with the D2L quiz, please contact one of the Instructional Design & Web Technologies (IDWT) Instructional Design Specialists; or visit the "Quiz Instructions for Faculty" page of this site.