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Ship to Shore Video Tutorials

Quiz Instructions

Adding the Ship to Shore Quiz into D2L

Dear WIFYS Faculty,

Please use the following instructions to load Ship to Shore into your ENG114 Brightspace/D2L Course:

1. Open WIFYS course
2. Choose "Content" under "Course Elements"
3. Be sure you are in the "Table of Contents"
4. Click "Import Course"
5. Choose "Copy Existing Course"
6. Click "Search for offering"
7. Search for ENG114-Library-Ship to Shore_ Master
8. Click radio button to select, then click "Add Selected"
9. Click "Copy All Components"
10. When done loading, click "View Content"
11. That's it - Ship to Shore should be ready to go!

Have a question about Ship to Shore? Please contact Josefine Smith: jmsmith@ship.edu