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Research Lab

Research Lab Pilot (Fall 2019)

A Research Lab is a 1-hour workshop hosted by a librarian outside of class, which supports and enhances the learning students do in class and on their own to prepare for class. The goal of this pilot* Research Lab series is to ensure students enrolled in PLS301 and HCS360 are ready to conduct independent research projects by the time they enter Senior Seminar.

*This Research Lab series is a pilot, which means it’s the first time we are running these workshops. Please bear with us if adjustments need to be made. We welcome student feedback.

What happens if I miss a Research Lab?

If you cannot attend either time offering for a specific Research Lab, make an appointment with Professor Smith or Professor Fic to catch up! You may make a group appointment with other classmates who missed the lab if it suits your schedules.

View librarians’ online calendars here: http://ship.libcal.com/appointments/ OR select "Schedule Appointment" under Professor Smith or Professor Fic's profile photo on this page.

Use the calendar to choose a date and time. This will open up a scheduling form where you can confirm your appointment.

What if I still need help, or have other questions, even though I’ve attended the Research Labs?

Contact Professor Smith (jmsmith@ship.edu) or Professor Fic (cmfic@ship.edu) directly. We are working closely with Dr. Greenberg (PLS301) and Dr. McNelis (HCS360) this semester, and we want to help you succeed.

Research Process