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Raider Readiness

Google Scholar Search Tips

In Google Scholar, search results are automatically sorted by relevance. To find newer articles, you can change the display using some options in the left sidebar.

  • If you click "Sort by date" you can see new additions, sorted by date.
  • If you click "Since Year" you will see only recently published papers, sorted by relevance.
  • If you select a custom date range you will only see articles that fall within your selected dates.

Getting better results:

  • If you're new to a topic, you can pick up useful terminology and keywords by looking at encyclopedia articles and other secondary sources.
  • If your search results are too specific, looking at the "References" to see what they're citing can be a great way to get more general works. 
  • If your search results are too general, looking at the "Cited by" articles to see newer papers can be a great way to get more specific works.
  • Looking at related articles or articles that are cited will show you things that are closely related to a work, which can help you find more sources off a single search.

Adding Library Links to Google Scholar

Before you search Google Scholar, you will need to select a library in the settings menu. Once you set and save your preferred libraries, you will be able to link to library resources found with a Google Scholar search.

1. Click the menu icon on the Google Scholar homepage.

2. Select settings to choose your libraries. You may select up to 5 libraries.

3. Select Library links.

4. Search "Shippensburg", select "Shippensburg University - FullText@LehmanLibrary" and "SHIPPENSBURG UNIVERISTY - ProQuest Fulltext."  Save your selection.

5. Now you can search and see results with a Lehman Library full-text link.