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MBA561 - Becker

Dr. Becker: Human Resources Development


Research guide for Project and Presentation.
Apply course-related theories and concepts to research on an approved topic, write a research paper, and present your findings in class.

Research Process

  • Determine your topic, then follow a process which makes sense to you for gathering relevant information.
  • Using primary academic literature via the library databases, develop the background for your topic.
  • Use 5 articles on a single topic from the approved journals below to inform your paper.

Approved Journals

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Database abbreviations:

  • ABI = ABI Trade & Industry
  • ASC = Academic Search Complete
  • BSP = Business Source Premier
  • ERC = Eductaion Research Complete
  • MGC = Military & Government Collection
  • PBSC = Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
  • PsycINFO
  • SC = Sociological Collection
  • SocINDEX
  • VCC = Vocational & Career Collection

HR-specific Encyclopedic Resources

Definitions and background information on HR-related concepts.

Interesting Websites