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HCS100 - Wang


Introduction to Human Communication Studies with Dr. Wang

This Research Guide has been designed to assist you in doing library research for the paper assigned in your class. It includes links to research tools that will help you find background information; newspaper, magazine and journal articles; and books.

Your assignment is to write an analysis paper about "interpersonal relationship" and how this is enacted in conversation. Use at least five concepts from the textbook and/or from the class discussions in your analysis. This assignment gives you an opportunity to examine various aspects of communication in greater depth.

What you will have to do:

  • Observe a conversation (that lasts over 10 minutes) in which you are a part.
  • Note down your observations 
  • Research communication and relationship growth/maintenance/deterioration.
    Apply at least FIVE communication concepts.
  • Write a paper.

Feel free at any time to use our Ask Us Anything, chat, or email reference service for additional assistance. You are welcome and encouraged to schedule appointment with me for individual research assistance.