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Reserves Overview

Online items in Ares Library Reserves will be available as usual. The library is exploring options for delivering content from physical items on Library Reserve.

This page highlights some useful information about Library Course Reserves.

For more detailed information follow the links immediately below:

Databases vs. eReserves

The library licenses access to articles in over thirty thousand (30,000) journals. If an article is available in a library database, link directly to the article from your D2L course shell (except for Harvard Business Review articles).

Linking to journal content directly through licensed library databases absolves you of responsibility for copyright compliance for the linked content and absolves the university of potential liability for copyright infringement of that content.

Reserves Desk

Materials Accepted for Reserves Desk

  • Library-owned items that normally can be charged out, e.g.
    • General Collection books
    • DVDs
    • videocassettes
    • compact discs
    • etc.
  • Books, DVDs, VHS, CDs, etc. supplied by a faculty member

Materials Not Accepted for Reserves Desk

  • Photocopied material that does not comply with copyright guidelines
  • Consumable materials, such as workbooks, exercises, test booklets, etc.
  • Entire issues of a periodical
  • Interlibrary loan items
  • Entire bound volumes of a periodical, unless approved by a Reference Librarian
  • Reference Collection items, unless approved by a Reference Librarian

Ares Reserves

ARES Reserves is where professors can store copyrighted materials for class use.

To get your students from D2L to your ARES Reserves, add this URL into your course:

Student Menu Log in to ARES Reserves with your Ship Email address and Password. 

  • You can create new courses or clone old courses in ARES Reserves
  • Your courses will be listed on your ARES homepage after you create or clone them for the current semester
  • If you do not see a course you expect, please
    • Make sure you already Cloned or Created your Course(s) for this semester, then
    • Switch to Student mode
      • Search by Instructor for your course

Track eReserve Item Use

From the Main Menu class grid, select the course you want to track for Reserve Usage.
Click the Reserve Item Usage action on the Instructor Class Tools or Proxy Class Tools menu.

A Reserve Items grid below the Class Details lists each Reserve item along with Title, Author and Usage.

The Usage column tracks the number of times a Reserve Item has been viewed.


Click Show Detailed Usage on each item to see which students have viewed specific Reserves Items and and which students have not.




Ares Track Reserve Item Usage Documentation