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This guide archives the exhibits and displays which Lehman Library has provided to the campus in recent years.

Library Exhibits Should 

  • Support university events, programs, activities, groups, classes, conferences, and accomplishments.
  • Increase collaboration and strengthen partnerships among the library, university, and the wider community.
  • Enhance the teaching, research, learning, and service mission of the library and university.
  • Promote the diverse climate, programs, and scholarly value of the library and university.
  • Cultivate intellectual, aesthetic, and creative growth.

Criteria for Exhibits

  • All potential exhibit planners must submit the Exhibit Application Form to the Library Advocacy Committee. Requests not made in advance will not be accommodated.
  • Exhibits are theme-based displays of materials including, but not limited to, books, posters, artifacts, documents, artwork, or other objects. All accompanying text should be word processed and printed on a high quality printer, if not professionally designed and/or typeset. Hanging displays should be mounted on foam board or high quality backing, if not framed, when appropriate. Pasted or glued materials should be smoothly connected with no loose edges.
  • Exhibits should be consistent with freedom of information and cultural diversity.
  • Exhibits should be well thought out, adequately prepared, and aesthetically pleasing (see Resources section below).
  • Proposals should describe the theme, content and materials, time and duration of proposed display, as well as desired exhibit space, if there is a preference.


  • Media Services  (Grove Hall Room 008) is the central source for faculty, students, and the administration of Shippensburg University to procure a variety of services including Graphic/Photography Production, multimedia production, video/audio production, etc.
  • Project Center  (Student Group Workroom, CUB Room 218). The center is for the use of the Shippensburg University Student-Senate and recognized student organizations. In addition, other individual services are available with some charges.
  • Office of Communications & Marketing. The office provides graphic design and printing services for university offices. 

Cancelation of Exhibit

  • If the library needs to cancel an exhibit, the Library Advocacy Committee will give the exhibitor a 2-week cancelation notice.
  • The exhibitor must give a cancelation notice 48 hours before the scheduled set-up date. 

Refusal of Exhibit Request

  • The Library Advocacy Committee reserves the right to refuse exhibit proposals not meeting stated criteria.
  • The Library Advocacy Committee reserves the right to refuse display of materials not meeting stated criteria.
  • The Library Advocacy Committee reserves the right to decline any request for reasons beyond these guidelines.

Exhibit Receptions

  • Use of the library for receptions held in conjunction with an exhibit requires permission from the Library Advocacy Committee.
  • In the event of a reception, the exhibitor, not the library, is responsible for set up, clean up, and payment for the reception, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Art Exhibits and Pricing

  • All art works must have contact information, and other details attached.
  • If works are for sale, pricing must be on an accompanying list.
  • Library staff members are not permitted to mediate any purchases or transactions.

Duration of Exhibit

  • The duration of an exhibit will typically be two weeks to one month.
  • All exhibits will have a specific start and end date.
  • End dates can be extended with approval if the schedule allows.
  • Exhibits running longer than three months will be strongly discouraged because exhibit conditions could put a strain on the materials.
  • Shippensburg University reserves the right to reschedule an exhibit if it conflicts with the library's need for exhibit space.
  • The Advocacy Committee reserves the right to assign exhibit areas.
  • An exhibit may be canceled at any stage if the exhibitors have not met the agreed upon conditions and deadlines.

Installation and Removal of Exhibit

  • The exhibitor is responsible for the installation and dismantling of items as scheduled.
  • Library assistance must be coordinated with Library Advocacy Committee.
  • Each display must be accompanied with an Exhibit Liability/Release Form  and an Exhibit Inventory Form  which lists the items included in the exhibit.
  • The cases are locked and within sight, but the library does not take responsibility for the security or welfare of materials in the exhibit cases.
  • Handouts and supplementary materials may be included with exhibits.
  • Special Collections staff specifically trained in preservation may be available to assist in the proper handling of unique and fragile materials if arrangements are made in advance of the installation date.