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Online resources for teaching and learning from Federal Government Agencies


The Office of E-Government and Information Technology (E-Gov), headed by the Federal Government’s Chief Information Officer, develops and provides direction in the use of Internet-based technologies to make it easier for citizens and businesses to interact with the Federal Government, save taxpayer dollars, and streamline citizen participation.

Paperwork Reduction Act

Key benefits


Why explore federal e-resources online? 

Federal resources are free, and they provide your students indivdual access to a wealth of resources without added expense to your school district or pocketbook.

Federal e-resources provide access to primary resources, where students can interact with original documents.  This brings an immediacy to the experience that cannot be acquired through second-hand sources.  Let your students see and hear the voices of the people from other periods of time.

Original data is least biased when viewed from the original government source.  Let your students pull meaning from the sources rather than have meaning handed to them by someone else!