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Searching for an eBook

**ebrary ebooks have now been incorporated into Ebook Central**

Proquest Ebook Central has several search functions.

‘Basic Search’ is the search default. To perform a basic search, type in a Title, Author, Keyword or ISBN and click search.

To browse eBooks by subject category, select the ‘Browse Subjects’ link, and choose a subject from the list.

Boolean and Advanced search functions are also available.

View an eBook

Select an eBook of your choice from the list of search results.

Click on the title to view further details about the book.

To read the book, click 

The eBook will then load into the ebook reader.


  • SU Library's largest eBook collection.
  • Multiple people can read the same book at the same time.
  • No new account setup is required.  Your SU ID and password are all you need.
  • Books can be read online or downloaded.
    • Find more information about downloading and reading ebooks on mobile devices here.
  • Professors can create coursepacks by combining chapters.

Printing & Copying

What are the printing and copying restrictions for Proquest ebooks?

Due to licensing and copyright regulations, printing is restricted to 20% of an ebook and copying to 5%, based on total number of pages of a given book.

In order to print or copy pages from a book, users must first take the book "on loan" (see above). The Proquest Ebook Central system keeps track of print and copying allowances automatically for each book a user has taken on loan. Remaining print/copy balances can be viewed for each ebook on the detailed record for the book. The Ebook Print Screen will also tally your remaining print balance while you print.

If you try to reprint a page you already printed (previously deducted from a book's 20% print quota), the reprinted page will not further reduce your print quota balance.