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Steps to Downloading eBooks

All EBL eBooks can be downloaded.
All EBSCOhost eBooks can be downloaded. 
Some eBrary eBooks can be downloaded. 

Before your first download...

1.  Create a login/account for the eBook provider.  (This is already done automatically with EBL using your Ship U. login, but Ebsco and Ebrary require you to create accounts.)
2.  Create an Adobe login/account to use with Adobe Digital Editions.
4.  Download Adobe Digital Editions for your PC, if it does not already have the program.
5.  Download Bluefire Reader for your iOS device (via online or app store), droid-enabled tablet, or Kindle Fire. You will need to download your book to a computer with Adobe Digital Editions before you can open it in Bluefire Reader, under most circumstances.


To download your book...

1.  Login to the eBook provider.
2.  Select the download option (see video directions to the right on this page).
3.  Open your item in Adobe Digital Editions & sign-in as necessary. (You're done, if you're on a PC)
4.  If you are using Bluefire Reader, provide Adobe Digital Editions username and password when prompted to access your Adobe Digital Editions books.
5.  On a Droid-enabled tablet or phone, or on an iOS device, books can often be directly downloaded from your device's web browser through the eBook download page, and they will open automatically in Bluefire Reader if the Bluefire Reader has been "authorized" with your Adobe Digital Editions i.d. and password.  You can do this in Bluefire Reader settings, and the setting will remain indefinitely. For more information on setting up your Adobe account and Bluefire, see the youtube video on the right entitled "Downloading EBL ebooks to the Apple iPad"


Download time periods

EBL: Most downloaded ebooks from EBL will remain accessible on your computer or mobile device for one day. If you are prompted to choose a download timeframe, choose from the options provided.

EBSCO: When downloading Ebsco ebooks, you will be prompted to choose a checkout period. 

iPad vs. PC

The experience for both iPad and PC users utilizing downloaded eBooks from EBSCOhost, Ebrary, and EBL is essentially the same... online.

The offline experience, however, is quite different. Due to fact that Apple does not "play well" with Adobe, third party apps do not provide a comparative experience to Adobe Digital Editions - and that is not available on the iPad. The best available free app at this time is Bluefire Reader for iPad.

Deleting Downloaded eBooks

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Digital Editions.
  2. Click on the Library Books Icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the small arrow in the upper-left corner of the eBook you wish to delete.
  4. Select Delete.

Video Tutorials--Downloading eBooks

Below are video tutorials for downloading eBooks.