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BIO162 - Daphnia Lab

This guide provides a tutorial and library assignment for use in preparation for the Daphnia Lab in BIO162.

daphniaResearching the Effects of Ethanol and Caffeine on Physiological Processes


In the lab, "Scientific Investigation Using Daphnia", you will explore the effects that ethanol and caffeine have on the heart rate of Daphnia. Before beginning scientific experiments, an important step is to do some preliminary library research in order to develop background knowledge on a subject.

In this case, you will use library resources to gather information on the effects of caffeine and ethanol on physiological processes in general. The tutorial will assist you in the process so that you will:

  • Gain experience using the Academic Search Complete database to locate high quality sources of scientific information
  • Learn the importance of identifying appropriate terminology when conducting a database search

Pre-Lab Library Assignment