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Overview - Sharing your Folder

EBSCOhost’s Shared Folder feature lets you add articles to your custom folders and share them with other EBSCOhost users such as fellow students.

There are three folder areas for use:

  • My Folder – this area holds the items that you have collected during your current session. This folder cannot be shared. 

  • My Custom – custom folders you create, and then move result items into. You can share custom folders with other EBSCOhost users, if desired. 

  • Shared by – custom folders that another user creates and then shares with you.

You must be signed into My EBSCOhost to access custom or shared folders. In order to share a folder, it must be at the “top level” of the folders. If you have multiple levels of folders, the sub-folders cannot be shared.

1. Creating a Custom Folder

To begin, follow the steps in "EBSCOhost Folders - Setup" to create a Folder account.  Do a search as you normally would and add articles to the Folder. 

1.  Open your Folder. Click the New link to the right of the My Custom link. The Create New Folder Screen displays. In the Folder Name field, enter a name for the custom folder.  Click the Save button.

2. Moving Articles from My Folder to your Custom Folder.

2. To move articles to a different folder Select an article you would like to move to your new Folder.  From the Move Folder to drop-down list, select the folder to which you want to move the items (the “target” folder).  Click Save. The articles are moved to the target folder.


3. Sharing your Custom Folder.

3.  From the lower left of the Folder Screen, click the Share link below the folder name. The Sharing Options Screen displays: 

  • E-mail To – enter the e-mail addresses of the people that you want to share the folder with.

  • Subject – you can accept the default message or enter a new one.

  • Message – you can enter a personal message or leave this field blank.

  • E-mail Format – you can send your e-mail message in either plain text or HTML format.

  • De -select Restrict Passcode to Single Use – included in the e-mail sent to the people you are sharing the folder with, will be a “passcode” that lets the recipient access your folder.

  • Click Invite. An e-mail message is sent to each recipient that a shared folder is available.

4. Responding to an E-mail Request to Share a Folder.

4. When an EBSCOhost user sends you an e-mail invitation to a shared folder a passcode will be included in the e-mail. Click  on Add, at the bottom left of your Folder screen.   Copy and paste the passcode from the e-mail into the entry box. Click Submit.

Respond to Email

5. A Final Note About Sharing Folders.

5.  NOTE:  Each student in the group will need to share their folder with each other group member.  Group members sharing folders will be indicated at the bottom left of the Folder screen.

Final Note