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Sociological Practice

ASA Style (American Sociological Association)

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Common Examples of ASA Style Citation

In-text Citation

...information given and citation at end of sentence (Smith 2010).

Smith (2010) information given within sentence.

Two authors would have both names in parentheses (Smith and Jones 2011).

Three authors for in-text citation would be listed the first time (Smith, Brown, and Jones 2012). Then just the first name in the listing after that (Smith et al. 2012).

More than three authors are always shortened (Carr et al. 2013).

If any of these is a "quote" instead of summary or paraphrasing, the page number would be included after the year (Smith and Jones 2011:122).

If Smith and Jones (2011) were already mentioned in the text with a "quotation," the page number comes at the end (p. 122).

References (bibliography/works cited)

See Ship Sociology Department guide for more examples of books, articles, and other journals. The below demonstrate multiple authors and DOIs. Below examples taken from ASA Style Guide (4th ed.).


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