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Literature Reviews


Ship Library has books that cover the goals and steps of literature reviews.  For what we do not have, remember Interlibrary Loan. This list is a sample of perspectives and steps.

Web Sites

A. A sample of  guidance at universities for literature reviewing.

Some Guidance on Doing a Literature Review  
Prof. Richard Elmore, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Review of Literature 
Writing Center, University of Wisconsin 

Literature Reviews
Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Literature Review
University of Houston, Victoria, Academic Center
The Literature Review: A Few Tips on Conducting It  
Universtiy of Toronto, Health Sciences Writing Centre

Writing Literature Reviews
Temple University Writing Center  

Getting Started on Your Literature Review  
University of New South Wales, Learning Centre 

B. Guidelines and examples of systematic reviews (a special kind of rigorous literature review).

You can connect to organizations that specialize in systematic reviews.  Access to published guidelines for doing reviews is available for each of these.  Access to reviews themselves varies.